Friday, 5 June 2015

Thanks Twitter

I'm sitting here at my desk on a P.A. day and I had an interesting reflection.

A year ago, if someone asked me how much professional / educational literature I read, my answer would have been (sadly) not as much as I should have. Reading for my job felt something on my to-do list I had to finish.

Today though, I had a chuckle when I realized that my "reward" for assessing a pile of essays was that I got to read the latest link to an article or a blog I saw posted on Twitter.  I have never read more educational literature (by choice) in my entire career...and I actually love it!

Thanks Twitter and my PLN!


  1. This is SO true, Kim! Sometimes it takes a real effort for me to pull away from Twitter. One link turns to another link, turns to another.... and because I follow educators only, every link I click adds to my PD. One's learning simply never ends on Twitter.

    1. Exactly! Thanks for reading and for the mention on Twitter Sylvia! You are always such a great supporter.

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